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Is Puerto Vallarta worth Visiting?

Puerto Vallarta is a place that at least once in a lifetime must visit. It is a majestic place with spectacular landscapes, with blue skies all the time and beautiful beaches. 

You will find a great gastronomic offer, excursions, beaches, the historical center, the Malecon, art galleries, sculptures, a wide range of water activities, and a sector of hotels and resorts where you will find all kinds of activities and attractions that will cause great interest and will keep you iterated in all the wonders. This is why Puerto Vallarta is worth visiting. 

And to begin with, we will give you all the advice and information so that you will have an overview of some points of interest for your next visit to Puerto Vallarta. Get to know the wonders of Puerto Vallarta and plan your trip. 

Why is Puerto Vallarta worth visiting?

Puerto Vallarta is a city located in Jalisco’s state in the western highlands 196 km from Guadalajara, the second-most populous city in the state. It is a significant tourist attraction for Mexicans and foreigners. This incredible place’s economy is mainly based on tourism since it has become its main economic development factor. Puerto Vallarta receives approximately 600,000 tourists due to its significant number of beaches, natural beauties, historical monuments, and works of art. You will find nudist beaches, ecological beaches, and many mountains with spectacular landscapes in this place. It is the third most important place with beaches in Mexico.

Places of interest in Puerto Vallarta

As we have mentioned, Puerto Vallarta has a significant amount of tourist attractions that you cannot miss. Today in this guide, we bring you the main attractions so that you can organize a wonderful trip and want to return to Puerto Vallarta as many times as necessary.

Puerto Vallarta has many beaches that are characteristic of their beauty and are visited by millions of tourists every year, which is a good indicator of their attractiveness.

Twin Beaches: These beautiful white sand beaches are small and full of vegetation and spectacular views; however, it is not recommended to visit this beach as it has many rocks and can be dangerous for visitors

Playa de Los Muertos: This beach is very famous and is one of the most visited beaches in Puerto Vallarta, especially foreign tourists. There is an innumerable offer of hotels where you can find diverse activities for all tastes and needs. You can enjoy the gastronomy of the restaurants in the place, practice water sports, the night leisure is constant due to the number of bars in the area, and activities like fishing and other water activities. There is something important that generates a great attraction in the place. It is the gay zone, where there are many activities for this community. It has turned out to be a great attraction for its visitors from all over the world.

Conchas Chinas: This small town has a very peaceful beach where there is immense vegetation. We could say that it is a virgin beach since it is a lonely beach where no visitor is observed. However, it is a beach that offers a beautiful view, and its visitors can rest there without any problem.

Boca de Tomates: It is a spectacular beach surrounded by a mangrove area. There are many restaurants along the coast that are called “ramadas.” There you can enjoy the best fish and all the gastronomy of the place, like seafood, shrimp, lobster, octopus and other delicacies for all tastes

Yelapa: It is a beautiful beach with crystalline waters near a charming town where tradition has been maintained. That is why you will notice that the place is quite picturesque. There you will be able to enjoy the gastronomy of the area and different aquatic activities. Yelapa is a desirable place for tourists because the town is charming. The cuisine is unique, and the activities are diverse for all tastes.

Garza Blanca: This is a beautiful white sand beach south of Puerto Vallarta and is very popular with tourists who prefer a vacation of rest and tranquility. Although you can also practise water sports, most activities are more relaxed than on other beaches.

Other sites of interest

On the Malecon, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and a spectacular view of the sea. You can see the Sculpture of the Horse, Los Arcos, and enjoy a pleasant walk along the beach on a path of approximately one kilometer. The Malecon is considered an important historical place for the inhabitants of Puerto Vallarta. Different artistic activities attract many tourists. 

Most of the activities that are done on the Malecon are artistic activities throughout the year and suitable for all tastes. The climate of Puerto Vallarta is a spectacular climate that allows for outdoor walks with all the comfort.

The historical center is known as the heart of the place and has been declared a cultural heritage. From there you can see the Municipal Palace and the Plaza de Armas, it is a place that offers fantastic landscapes where you will find cultural contrasts and a significant number of visitors from all over the world that will allow you to feel the joy of its atmosphere.

There is a romantic area where you can feel a calm and bohemian air, art galleries, small cafes, bars, and restaurants. 

The southern area of Puerto Vallarta is where the beautiful beaches and natural scenery are concentrated and become a favorite place for tourists who want to practice water sports and enjoy an afternoon of sun and relaxation.

In the northern area of Puerto Vallarta that extends from the historical center to the marina, there are golf courses, hotels, restaurants, night clubs, and an ecological reserve called El Salado, a place you cannot miss.

Puerto Vallarta offers activities for all tastes; the hotels have a wide range of activities that will allow you to have enough options to enjoy your vacation. Puerto Vallarta has become a destination for lovers of beach tourism. You can go alone, with your partner, with your family or with a group of people. In this place, you will find a wide offer to enjoy each of the attractions of this place.

How to get to Puerto Vallarta? 

Getting to Puerto Vallarta is totally simple since it is a lovely place for tourists. You can travel from Mexico City. The flight takes approximately one hour or from Monterrey, and the flight takes around 2 hours. All Mexican airlines count Puerto Vallarta as a destination since it is a place of interest, especially for foreigners.

Flights to Puerto Vallarta depart directly from Los Angeles, Quebec, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, and European and Asian airlines, obviously with the appropriate stopovers.

Puerto Vallarta has become an exciting place, especially for North American and Canadian tourists who want to enjoy a warm climate while spending the winter in their countries. Many economic flights will allow you to arrive in Puerto Vallarta without any complications.

If you love the beach, we recommend that you visit Puerto Vallarta and discover the wonders this place has for you. The ease of getting to Puerto Vallarta is one of the attractions that allow you to attract many tourists throughout the year.

We hope that with these detailed insights, you discover why Puerto Vallarta is worth visiting.

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