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Taco Tour in Puerto Vallarta

Enjoying tacos and learning from the local culture

Among all the fantastic Puerto Vallarta things to do, there is something you should give a try: Our Taco Tour in Puerto Vallarta.

When it comes to food and travel, you should remind that food and local cuisine are the best ways to get to know one new place. Experiment with new flavors, smells, and of course, delicious dishes! 

If you don’t know yet what tacos are about here comes a little overview of this traditional Mexican delicatessen, know many versions of it you can find, and how to make the most of this culinary experience. 

Tacos are a symbol of Mexican cuisine, based on corn tortillas filled with meat, vegetables, cheese, fish, vegetables, spices and so forth.

The fundamental difference between tacos and burritos lies in the form: the burrito is made up of tortilla rolled up closed at the end, the taco is always made of a tortilla folded in half and remains compact and crunchy. As well as the burrito, even the taco is classic street food, ideal to be eaten standing for a quick yummy snack.

The word “taco” in the Spanish language originally meant “cap,” and the tacos took this name because the tortillas were filled to the brim with spicy meat, were then “capped.”

Variants of the tacos

Generally, there are endless recipes of tacos, with different types of stuffing, but these are the two main variants:

  • Mexican tacos (originals): corn tortillas dipped in the sauce where they have made to stew the ingredients, usually beef or fish, and then filled with stew, raw onions, salad leaves, melted cheese or sour cream, the spicy chili sauce, and coriander;
  • Tacos: the high-calorie variant of tacos, which involves frying tortillas until they become crunchy and then re-steeped with more or less Mexican ingredients, such as minced meat, beans, tomatoes, grated cheese, onions, salad, and spicy sauces.

In our Taco Tour in Puerto Vallarta you can find:

  • Tacos de Asada: the grilled version, which requires both the meat of the filling and the tortilla to be cooked on the grill, they are also called mulita or Gringa.
  • Tacos de Cabeza: tortillas filled with parts of the snout of the cow (Cabeza = head in Spanish), such as tongue, brains, eyes, etc …
  • Tacos de Cazo: usually made with pork tripe, stewed in large pots.
  • Tacos Sudados: literally “sweaty tacos,” because they are seasoned with many spicy spices and covered in a basket to be made very moist.
  • Tacos al Pastor: Contrary to what one might think, the shepherd’s tacos filled with pork ribs
  • Tacos Dorados: also called flautas, flutes, because of the cylindrical shape, filled with chicken and fried
  • Tacos de Pescado: with grilled or fried fish, they are a very imitated version in Texas and California
  • Tacos de Camarones: fried or grilled scampi and paired with guacamole sauce.

If you want to enjoy the local tacos in Puerto Vallarta, we recommend you try our incredible taco tour. Try many different versions while learning how they are prepared and everything you need to know about the local culture and history linked to this specific fantastic dish. Besides that, the tacos tour offers many discounts. It brings travelers to the most hidden and most authentic places where to try something away from touristic traps for an experience to remember!

You can take the Taco Tour with us see our Gastronomic Taco Tour in Puerto Vallarta.

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