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About our type of Tours and Experiences in Mexico

Mexico is one of the top destinations in the world chosen by many travelers thanks to its beautiful places full of gastronomy, history, and culture.

This country has one of the Seven Wonders of the World and paradisiacal beaches, deserts, jungles, and more. Here you will find exciting adventures exploring its deepest corners from north to south.

In SAT MEXICO Tour and Travel, we are specialists in Mexico only, and we believe that we can show you the best of our country. Our Journeys are not just about visiting or exploring a destination; it’s about getting new experiences to remember the whole life.

We have over 30 years of experience offering you different types of products according to your travel style to satisfy your needs anywhere you go in Mexico. 

If you want to live unique experiences in one of the best destinations world, we are here to help you. 

All travelers are different, and this is why we offer you to tailor your trip in Mexico according to your needs, travel style, or destination. Below are some descriptions to help you understand the pros and cons of choosing our products by type.

Escorted Tours

Our Escorted Tours offer a structured way to visit Mexico, with the best insightful tours and experiences led by our comfortable transport and an expert local guide fully included in your price throughout the tour. These Escorted Tour programs have always fixed departures, which means that you will have the opportunity to share the whole trip with the same travelers, the same tour guide, the same transportation, and the same Hotels. Please be aware that the dates can not be changed and in case you require more flexibility, please see our Shared Tours and Programs.

Stay in the best hand-picked hotels and choose one of our best-fixed dates to visit one of the destinations that we have prepared for you. Enjoy the company of other travelers with the same itinerary as you, and don’t miss a spot.

Advantages to take escorted tours programs with us
  • Get to enjoy extra space while traveling. 
  • The skills and experience of our guides and coordinators will make your trip an unforgettable experience.
  • Outstanding quality and Service 
  • You will always be traveling with a dedicated Tour Guide/coordinator to support you immediately. Ask questions and advice at all times during your stay in Mexico.
  • Today you are the priority, and our health and safety measures are explained to all travelers before their arrival. 
  • We dedicate more time to tailor experiences that can only be done with short groups and organized only for our groups.
  • You get the chance to meet other people with the same profile as you and create friends since they will be with you during the whole trip.
  • If you are a SOLO traveler, you can also join our Escorted Tours. 
  • We basically take care of the logistics and details.
Cons of traveling with an Escorted Tour Program 
  • Flexibility – You cannot decide the dates to travel, and you need to adapt to the existing ones.
  • Schedule – You have to adapt to the plans established.

Shared Tours

Before you start reading about our shared tours, we want you to know that we can provide you with an excellent experience if you choose this type of travel with us, according to our clients’ reviews. We recommend you to check the reviews of our Shared Tours and see what our clients say about it. Look for us in all major sites like Travelstripe, Google, Viator, TripAdvisor, Expedia, GetYourGuide, Booking.com, Headout, Musement, Tiqets, etc.

We are a very well organized company and rated 5 stars according to the reviews of our clients. 

Most of our clients prefer our shared tours because they are the most convenient way to travel to Mexico. These tours offer:

  • Flexibility

    You can take these tours any time (any day) and complement your journey throughout Mexico with some other programs or Beach extensions. Travel when you want how you want it. 

  • Budget

    This is the most convenient way to see Mexico, and you get an excellent experience. 

  • You share

    Get to know people from other parts, share the experience, and most importantly, use just one means of transportation.

Our Shared Tours or Programs are designed so that you can get to know the best places in Mexico in the company of a group of travelers (different every day) who seek to explore every corner of this beautiful destination, so you will share every activity you do with them. 

To keep prices low and to please all our travelers’ needs, we recommend you consider that some of our shared tours might have long pick-up times. This means that since you share the cost and the ride with more passengers in other hotels, we might take a little longer to start the tour. This happens mainly in destinations with considerable affluence of clients like Cancun and Mexico City. 

We use local providers in each destination for you to enhance the experience and contribute to local communities. Our partners love this since we are all involved in the value chain. This is more difficult for us to maintain, but we believe it is worth it. You will enjoy every single experience with us. At SAT MEXICO, shared tours reveal great experiences among travelers.

Tailor-made tours

We plan the trip of your dreams through our expert agents to any Mexican destination you choose for your next vacation.

Mexico fits all styles and budgets. Asking for travel advice from an expert will help you maximize your experience in Mexico. Let us know what you need and your budget, and we will save you hundreds of hours of research, so you have a starting point. And from there, we create the program for your dream holidays in Mexico. 

From transportation and accommodation to activities and everything you need, we will put it all within your reach to enjoy the best private and personalized experience on your next trip to Mexico.

Self-Guided Journeys

On a self-guided tour, you will have everything you need when touring by yourself at your fingertips, thanks to the excellent services provided by SAT MEXICO with the freedom to choose what you want to do and when and without outside guides following your itinerary. 

You can hike, take a road trip, or go shopping in the city at your own pace and with the luxury of knowing that we have your back whenever you need assistance.

This modality of products offers you all the freedom you need. Lately and for obvious reasons, many of our clients ask us just to organize the program, including hotels and transportation. They would like to rest, enjoying the trip to the chosen Mexican destination. We will be happy to help you.

Private tours

With the help of our experts at SAT MEXICO, you can have personal Budget and Luxury access to the best experiences that match your interests and provide a unique travel memory in Mexico. You can choose the language, the category, start time, meeting place, and make changes on the go.

Advantages to book a private tour with us
  • Take the trip you want, the way you want it – You choose the way, style, and rhythm to the destination of your choice.
  • You choose who you hang out with – You have the opportunity to gather the people you want to hang out with and who will enjoy the same vacation as you.
  • Schedule your vacation at your convenience – The times for each departure, arrival, activity, etc., are chosen at your convenience.
  • We attend to all your travel needs – We are ready to offer you the best service with our private tours. Whether you need transportation, lodging, activities, etc., we will be there.

We guarantee that you will enjoy spectacular views or exceptional features on any tour you choose with us. Whether it’s exploring the fascinating Mexican culture, all holidays promise new opportunities for discovery.

Mexico is waiting for you!