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Check out how to become host to our travel journeys! Expand your portfolio, increase your earnings, and stand out in the competitive world of travel by offering your clients unique, immersive, and unforgettable experiences.



Hosting one of our Tours is an opportunity you don’t want to miss, and here’s why:

Engage with your current clients:

You can strengthen your relationships with your existing clientele by hosting a tour. Offer them a unique experience, Deepen connections, Showcase your expertise, Encourage referrals, and Maintain top-of-mind awareness.

Exceptional Talent:

We collaborate with the finest leaders in the industry who share our passion for creating extraordinary travel experiences. You’ll join a community of like-minded, dedicated professionals by hosting one of our tours.

Profitable Programs:

Our travel programs in Mexico are specifically designed to be financially rewarding for travel agents and leaders like you. Hosting a tour diversifies your offerings and significantly boosts your revenue.

Unique Experiences:

Our tours provide clients unparalleled experiences that delve into the region’s rich culture, history, and natural beauty. Hosting one of our tours can offer your clients a truly unforgettable journey.

Personal Growth:

As a tour host, you’ll have the chance to enhance your skills as a travel professional, gaining firsthand knowledge of hidden gems and forming lasting connections with local experts and fellow travel agents.

Brand Enhancement:

Hosting a tour allows you to showcase your commitment to providing exceptional, culturally immersive travel experiences. This will impress your current clients and help attract new ones seeking more adventurous and authentic travel opportunities.


Great Support and Local Knowledge

We have almost 40 Years of supporting great brands like you.


We build great trips that are the reflection of your passion

White Label

It is about you. We help you with content, trip budgeting, and even a landing page if needed.

Mexico Expertise

We know Mexico like no other. Wheater is Culture, Adventure, Yoga, or Wine. We are experts in creating concept travel.


🌟 Personalized Itineraries: No cookie-cutter trips here! We collaborate with you to create a one-of-a-kind itinerary that truly reflects your desires and passions, resulting in an exceptional travel experience that feels like it was made just for you.

🌍 Expert Guidance: With our in-depth knowledge of the destination, we’ll work closely with you to craft a journey that meets and exceeds your expectations. Our expertise ensures you’ll explore hidden gems, authentic cultural experiences, and breathtaking landscapes that capture the region’s essence.

🀝 Local Connections: We partner with local experts and community leaders to ensure your trip is an immersive, genuine experience. By doing so, we offer you unparalleled access to the heart and soul of the destination, allowing you to connect with the people and places in a truly meaningful way.

πŸ’‘ Flexibility: Our services are designed with your needs and preferences in mind, allowing for a flexible, adaptable itinerary that can be adjusted as needed. This ensures that your journey unfolds exactly as you envision it, allowing you to explore at your own pace.

🌐 Diverse Offerings: Whether you’re interested in culinary delights, cultural immersion, outdoor adventures, or something entirely different, we’re committed to providing a wide array of options to suit your unique travel style.


  • Dedicated Operations Manager
  • On-Trip Logistics
  • Operations Support
  • Combined Liability Insurance
  • 24/7 Guest Support
  • Trip Planning & Budgeting

In Case you also need;

  • Landing Page Build
  • Content, Copywriting
  • Online Payment Processing


Request access now to unlock all you need to know about the destinations we offer and the travel programs we provide. Our training camp is designed to give you everything you need to make informed decisions and help your clients have the best travel experiences possible.

Inside our training camp, you will find comprehensive information about our destinations, including insider tips, frequently asked questions, and answers to all your queries. You will also find reviews of the hotels and accommodations we offer, giving you an idea of the quality of our services.

In addition to our destination information, we provide a range of marketing materials that you can use to promote our programs to your clients. Our marketing materials are designed to help you attract new clients and increase bookings.

With our Ultimate Destination Training Camp, you will have everything you need to provide exceptional travel experiences to your clients. Request access now and start exploring!


Top reasons why you should host one of our Tours?

You can strengthen your relationships with your existing clientele by hosting one of our tours.
Hosting a tour can help you engage with your current customers:

Offer unique experiences: A carefully curated tour will provide your clients unforgettable experiences they couldn’t find elsewhere. By offering these one-of-a-kind trips, you demonstrate your commitment to delivering exceptional travel opportunities.

Deepen connections: By personally hosting the tour, you’ll be able to spend quality time with your clients, fostering a closer bond and better understanding of their travel preferences. This will enable you to serve them even better in the future.

Showcase your expertise: Hosting a tour allows you to share your knowledge and passion for the destination, establishing yourself as a trusted expert in your client’s eyes. This expertise will make them more likely to rely on you for future travel planning.

Encourage referrals: Satisfied clients are more likely to refer friends and family to your services. Engaging with your current customers on a memorable tour will create satisfied clients who will spread the word about your exceptional offerings.

Maintain top-of-mind awareness: Hosting a tour keeps you at the forefront of your client’s minds, making them more likely to turn to you for future travel needs. Regularly introducing new and exciting travel opportunities keeps your agency fresh and relevant.

Hosting one of our Tours is a powerful way to engage with your current customers, strengthen relationships, showcase your expertise, and ultimately grow your travel business.

Can I promote or create these tours without hosting them?

Absolutely! You can promote and create these tours without hosting them yourself. We act as an extension of your team in Mexico, providing full support to ensure the seamless execution of the travel programs you sell and confirm.

Our dedicated, on-the-ground team of professionals will handle all logistics, bookings, and tour management, ensuring your clients receive the same exceptional travel experience as if you were hosting the tour personally. You can trust that our team will uphold your high standards of service and expertise, delivering the unique, customized journeys that your clients have come to expect from you.

By promoting and creating tours without hosting them, you can still offer your clients the remarkable experiences they seek while focusing on expanding your travel offerings and growing your business.

I will like to learn about the next steps.

To learn about the next steps, simply fill out the “Let’s Connect” form, and our team will contact you via email. We’ll then schedule a call to discuss our process and address any questions you may have.

How far in advance are the trips planned?

Trips are usually planned six months in advance, allowing ample time for co-creation and preparation before the scheduled departure date. This will also depend on the way you will promote and sell. We will accompany you all the way.

Can I Customize my Itinerary?

Yes, you can customize your itinerary. We co-create trips with you, considering your audience’s preferences, to craft experiences that truly resonate with your unique community and clients.

How much can you earn?

Your earnings are entirely in your control. You set the per-person net profit; the more guests you sign up, the more money you make. Our team collaborates with you to build a budget accommodating your desired margin.

How Many guests do I need to sign up to run the trip?

A minimum number of guests is required to run a trip, typically around ten. However, if you choose not to customize the trip, you can opt for one of our pre-set departure dates and still enjoy the associated benefits.

What happens if I do not reach the minimum of participants?

Suppose the minimum number of participants is not reached. In that case, we to look for a solution together:

  • Offer a 100% refund if we need to cancel the trip 21 days in advance due to needing to meet the minimum number of participants.
  • Reschedule the trip and attempt to accommodate the passengers in one of our fixed departures.
  • Keep the same dates but add a supplement to cover costs.
  • Maintain the original dates, but adapt the services more cost-effectively.

Regardless of the situation, we will work together to find the best solution for our mutual client.

Do you cover my accommodation and flight ticket?

When you host one of our programs, Yes, indeed! We cover your accommodation, flight* (from main hubs in the USA, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and some others), activities, and transportation expenses as part of the budget. Please be aware that you must meet the minimum number of participants for these inclusions. And we will always be clear on this before we start working together.

Do you support with sales and Marketing?

Since we are a B2B company, we have a limited reach in Social Media, and our marketing efforts are to reach companies rather than final customers. This trip is about you, and we will make everything possible together so you can reach the minimum number of participants.
We can offer you big support with the operations, and in case you need it, we can also help you with; Landing Page Build, Content, Copywriting, and Online Payment Processing.

Why do we promote Mexico Only?

Our focus on Mexico results from our deep knowledge, passion, and experience within the country. We live in Mexico, study it, and concentrate on offering the best possible insight into this vast country. While we may not cover every aspect of Mexico, we specialize in specific destinations to ensure a thorough and authentic travel experience.


Let SAT Mexico Co-host the perfect journey, handcrafted to capture your passions and interests. No one knows your community as you do, and we’re here to help you explore it in a truly special and unforgettable way.

Contact us today to start planning!