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Whale watching in Baja California

There is no better place to watch Whales than in Baja California in Mexico. If your goal is to experience the astronomic feelings of joy and excitement you get when you witness a whale in its natural habitat.

Baja California is a whale paradise!

Where is Baja, California?

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The whale playground of Baja California is located along the vibrant pacific coast of Mexico, and it is waiting for you and your family.

The calm and warm shores of Baja California are home to many marine wonders, including a harem of sealions and playful pods of dolphins. On a day trip, out at sea, you could see practically any type of whale, as they are so prevalent here. Your sightseeing could include a:

Humpback whale´s

Grey whales

Sperm whales


Blue whale´s

What´s your favorite breed of whale?

Baja California is also unique because the whales are super curious and friendly. Not only are they easy to spot swimming and breaching, but they usually come to you and say hi. You´ll hear whales singing and spouting.

Whale Watching in Baja California

The best way to get close and personal with a Whale during your vacation to Mexico is to take a tour with a licensed provider.

We offer a 2-hour ´Whale Watching Safari´, which has been adapted to suit both the needs of you and your family and those of our ocean friends. You have 3 daily departure times to choose from 9 am 12pm and 3 pm. You don´t need to worry about anything on our tour as we take care of everything for you.

All you have to do is keep your eyes open. The Whale Watching Safari includes round trip transportation, expert guides that speak English and Spanish, plus snacks and a bottle of water. You can even get a photo of your adventure with our professional photographer.

To find out more about the Whale Watching Safari, contact us.

Whale Watching in Baja California Advice

As whale watching experts, we have a few suggestions to help you maximize your whale experience:

1. The night before your whale-watching dreams come true, charge your camera or mobile phone so that you don´t run out of battery on the boat. You´ll be taking a lot of photos and probably a few videos to capture the moment.

2. When you board the ship, put your mobile phone on airplane mode, as it uses less battery.

3. Be sure to take a towel with you.

4. Have a light sweater with you, as the boat can get a little chilly.

5. Wear a hat and sunscreen for protection. It´s quite easy to get sunburnt on a ship.

When to Visit Baja California

If you love whales, and wildlife the best times to visit Baja California are between December and April, which is why the Whale Watching Safari operates from December 15th through to April 15th. It is during this time that thousands of whales, including blue whales, humpbacks, and gray whales, return to the shores of Baja California to reproduce and socialize. It is here where you could see a whale takes its first breath.

Why Choose Us?

We use ´whale friendly´ boats, so as not to harm the breeding ground and water, which are vital to the survival of the whale population. You´ll be spending your memory-making time on an inflatable motorboat, which will provide you with maximum visibility to enjoy the wonders of the marine animal kingdom.

To book your seat on a Whale Watching Safari ticket, contact us. You can also check out our other tours, for example, Mexico City and the Teotihuacan Pyramids at MexicoTours.Travel.

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