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Top 10 Activities in Los Cabos

Welcome to the ultimate guide of top activities in Los Cabos! At MexicoTours.Travel, we pride ourselves in knowing the best places to visit, activities to experience, and places to eat in Mexico, especially when it comes to Los Cabos. Los Cabos is one of our favorite parts of Baja California, in large part because of the climate and the massive range of activities to has to offer.

#10 Experience a Mexican Sunset

Sunsets in Los Cabos are breath-taking. Find out what time the sun sets at timeanddate.com and plan arrive at your chosen destination approximately one hour before sunset.

Our top sunset beach picks are Medano Beach, Lovers Beach, and the unfortunately named Divorced Beach.

#9 Discover Mexican Art

Local art is embraced within the independent art galleries and museums, including the Frank Arnold Gallery and Whimsical Art Cabo.

To immerse yourself in Latin American art, especially with a focus on Baja California, visit the Old Town Gallery in the art district. The gallery houses a collaborative look at life, in this corner of the world, through the eyes of 8 renowned and inspirational artists.

#8 Adventure in the Sky

To witness the many glorious beaches, splendid desert hilltops, and colorful oceans, we suggest taking to the sky. Hang gliding is a spectacular activity that will create an everlasting memory and give you a whole new perspective of Los Cabos.

#7 Dine Like A Local

Due to Los Cabos’ location on the shoreline, the cuisines here combines well-known Mexican dishes with fresh seafood. An excellent spot for restaurants is Calle Narciso Mendoza.

A popular local dish is a lobster, which is often served with tortillas, beans, and lemon. (is your mouth watering yet?) The sarandeado fish is also popular and features on many menus. To eat like a local embrace fish, shrimps, and beef tacos.

#6 Experience the Nightlife

Visit La Marina in Cabo San Lucas really comes alive after 7 p.m. For a fun evening out, this is the place to be for a night of eating, singing, and dancing. La Marina has an array of discos, clubs, and restaurants.

We suggest deciding what cuisine you want for dinner before you arrive because once you get there, everything will look delicious.

#5 Relax on the Beach

Your resort will most likely have a private beach, but if you want to explore, check out Santa Maria Beach, Chileno Beach, and Palmilla, which are blue flag certified beaches. Be vigilant of flags, as some areas of the beach are not swimmable. Always swim between the flags!

#4 Activity in Los Cabos: Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site

You absolute must-see is the UNESCO World Heritage site, El Arco (The Arch). This is partly why the area is so famous. It’s a natural formation, which due to erosion, won’t be here forever, so go while you still can.

#3 Embrace the Ocean with Water Sports 

Continue or start your water sports obsession in Los Cabos. Snorkeling and stand-up paddleboarding are popular activities as the conditions are perfect – the water is clear calm and warm-

*Vacation Tip – Invest in reef-safe sunscreen, to protect yourself and the ocean. For a brand, advice check out Hawaii.com

#2 Sail the Sea of Cortés in Style

Relax in style, onboard a sailboat, and discover the natural beauty of South Baja California.

Our 4-hour ‘Luxury Sailing’ tour will sail the spectacular coastline and drop anchor giving you plenty of time to check off #3 in this best-of list.

The ocean adventure takes place from Tuesday to Sunday. It includes everything you’ll need from start to finish, including comfy oversized cushions, food, drink, and water sports equipment.

This is also the perfect way to experience the #1 activity in Los Cabos! Please keep reading to find out what it is.

To book onto the Luxury Sailing tour, click here.

#1 Go Whale Watching

Without hesitation, the best activity in Los Cabos and also Baja California. It is whale watching. The marine life surrounding this unique peninsula is second to none.

Whales group here every year, from December to April, with the purpose to breed and socialize. You can expect thousands of marine creatures, including dolphins, manta rays, and sea turtles. But for us, it’s all about the whales – humpbacks, grey, and blue whales.

To experience a magnificent whale swim, breach and sing, book on to our Luxury Sailing expedition or Whale Watching Safari, and create a lifelong memory.

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