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What to do in Chichen Itza with Kids

Are you traveling to Chichen Itza with Kids? If so, it’s time to plan a fun-filled family vacation to the Yucatan peninsula. The Yucatan region is filled with breathtaking sights and relaxing resorts from Cancun to Playa del Carmen and Tulum. But the ancient area of the Mayan civilization is not all about beaches and resort activities. It is often more exciting to get out and explore the ancient ruins of the people who made these lands their home long ago. 

That is why Chichen Itza is the most exciting site in all of the Yucatan peninsula. Whether you are young or old, adventurous or not, Chichen Itza has something to see and do for the whole family. Suppose you are taking a trip to the Yucatan peninsula. In that case, Chichen Itza is the perfect destination for an unforgettable day with your family and kids. So, let’s talk about what you should see and do when you get there. 

Temple of Kukulkan

The Temple of Kukulkan, or El Castillo, is the most iconic site in Chichen Itza. This remarkably well-preserved step pyramid is a site that most visitors associate with Chichen Itza itself. It is always going to be stop number one for most people making the trip to the city. It is a truly remarkable sight to behold. Even the kids will be blown away at how massive and awesome these Mayan pyramids are in real life.

Support the local comunity

The area of Chichen Itza is home to many local vendors. They may tend to get a bit pushy with their sales tactics, but never fear, they are often enjoyable and pleasant to be around! The vendors sell all kinds of delicious treats and fun gifts. Better yet, they are almost always cheaper than the prices at local shops in Cancun or Playa del Carmen! So, you can let the kiddos pick out something tasty or fun when exploring the ruins of the city throughout the day! Is also a way to support the local community since the area depends 100% on tourism. 

Visit a Cenote (sinkwhole)

The Yucatan peninsula is filled with natural sinkholes known as cenotes. These cenotes are filled with water and have become famous spots for swimming and getting away from the Yucatan’s hot jungle heat. Guided tours to Chichen Itza will often take you to one of the two most famous cenotes in the region, Cenote Ik Kil or Cenote Hubiku. Both of these watering holes are perfect for kids to splash around in and enjoy the cool shade and freshwater. There are even jumping platforms for kids and adults who are feeling adventurous!

A cenote is usually the last stop on a private tour of Chichen Itza. It allows the whole family to blow off steam and wash away the sweat built up from a long day of hiking ancient Mayan ruins. There is no better way to end a day than swimming in a sinkhole in the Yucatan jungle! 

All ready?

Chichen Itza is the perfect day trip for a family of any size. With young kids or older teenagers, you are going to find something extraordinary to experience together. 

Make sure you book a guided tour of Chichen Itza to get the most out of the experience! 

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