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Top Attractions in Queretaro

Top Atractions in Queretaro. Located in the central highlands of Mexico. “Santiago de Queretaro,” or simply known as Queretaro, is the capital of a state of the same name. The streets of this colonial city are home to over 24 million people. Making it one of the largest cities in Mexico by population. With over a thousand historical monuments, it is recognized as a heritage site by UNESCO. 

The culture and history of this city are preserved and displayed through various churches, museums, monuments, and fountains. The presence of restaurants and patio bars and Queretaro’s surrounding mountains that hold the biggest rocks of the world add dimension to the character of the city. Queretaro serves as an attraction for people with different aesthetics. Whether historical, modern, or natural, providing various attractions and activities for the locals and the tourists.

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Top Attractions in Queretaro

Museum Hopping in Queretaro

First of all, the historic city is filled with numerous museums giving an insight into its customs, traditions, and culture. It is not only the home of the typical historical or art museums. Also, those museums that display unconventional commodities like the “vermin museum” or “calendar museum.” Some of the best museums in Queretaro are the Mucal Calendar Museum, the Museum of the City, the Art Museum of Queretaro, Queretaro Regional Museum.

Winery in Queretaro

Excellent wineries surround the city, a credit to the area, and the weather of the town allows the growth of grapes. This state possesses Mexico’s second-biggest wine region specializing in sparkling wine. There are around 25 vineyards, all growing, squeezing, and fermenting locally grown grapes. The vineyards, cells, and production facilities are all enjoyable places to visit for tourists.

Here below some wineries that you can visit during your stay

Cava Freixenet

Phone: 01 (800) 277 51 00


Viñedos La Redonda

Phone: +52 (55) 5703 3313


Peña de Bernal

The gigantic rock ‘Pena de Bernal,’ sprouting up from the ground, is the world’s third-largest monolith. It takes only an hour to reach the town of Bernal where it is located and is a sure way to spend an enjoyable day when in Queretaro. Professionals and experts with proper rock-climbing gear can reach the top. Still, the tourists can either hike or drive up to the midway point to enjoy the views of the colonial city, Bernal.

Church in Queretaro

The main attraction of this destination can be its colonial history. Religious sites like churches and convents that were made in the 1700s and onwards have been preserved all around the city. These buildings depict the art and architecture of the Spanish colonies and serve as an excellent attraction for tourists. Templo de Santa Rosa de Viterbo, Templo de Santa Clara, and Templo y ex-Convento de la Santa Cruz are some few churches present in the area.

If this topic is of your interest check the official webpage of the State of Queretaro and discover all the information

Cheese caves close to Queretaro

The tours of cheese caves around the city are great for catching an eye-pleasing view and for relaxing. The tours given by the cheese sommelier are informative as the whole process of cheese-making, as well as the aging process, is told and explained. Cava de Quesos Bocanegra is a place for visiting a cheese cave as well as tasting and learning about the cheese.

To see all this top attractions in Queretaro and this great Mexican city is filled with informative and enjoyable places that can entertain for days is a travel fulfilling travel destination.


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