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The free and sovereign state of Zacatecas, located in the north-central part of Mexico. Is divided into different towns and districts. “The Magical Town Program” or “Programa Pueblos Mágicos” is an initiative by the secretariat of tourism in Mexico. The preserved beauty, culture, traditions, architecture, and history of these towns are what make them magical.

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Jerez de Gracia de Slinas

Jeres de Gracia de Salinas, formerly known as Jerez is the capital of the state. Zacatecas has been the headquarters for the oldest spring festival since 1824. The rural area is noted for the productions in agriculture and dairy. The rustic atmosphere creates a contrast against the diverse architecture of old houses with spacious courtyards of colonial times.

The key destinations to visit in the village are; The Kiosk of the Main Square, The Hinojosa Theater, The Parish of the Immaculate Conception, The Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Soledad, The Tower Building, The portals of Inguanzo, Humboldt, and Las Palomas.

Teúl de González Ortega

Declared as the second ‘Magical Town’ of Zacatecas in 2012, Teul is an agricultural town. Its natural beauty and colonial architecture combine forming an atmosphere that is both comforting and inviting.

This area is known to be the only one that has two Santos Martires and monuments of the pre-Hispanic era that have marked relevance: The Parish of San Juan Bautista de Teúl, The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe, The Chapel of the Rosary, The Aqueduct, The Municipal Presidency.


It is of the most important towns of colonial Spain due to the presence of fatty deposits of silver and gold found in its mines. The gardens, buildings, streets, and churches of colonial architecture surrounded by hills create an aura that makes it fit to be the third ‘Magical Town.’

The most important festival in the locality is held in the neighborhood of la Candelaria. Each February, the Virgin of La Candelaria is worshipped by locating the temple built by the natives. The Convent of San Mateo, The Sanctuary of Solitude, The Sierra de Órganos, are the prominent sites to visit in the area.


Found in the sixteenth century, this town was declared ‘magical’ in 2012. Its narrow streets preserve its history and culture of mining through music, art, and cuisine. It also holds architectural structures like The Miguel Hidalgo Garden, The Public Clock Tower, The Parish of San Matías.

Nochistlán de Mejía

Designated as the fifth of these ‘Magical Towns’ in the state, Nochistlan is a rural area with historical value. In the pre-Hispanic era, it was inhabited by an ingenious tribe of Caxcanes who fought against the Spanish conquerors. The locations to visit in the area are The Temple of San Sebastián, The Los Arcos Aqueduct, The Stack of Outside, The house of the Ruíz, The Monument to Tenamaxtle.

It is filled with music and religious processions, like the one held in honor of the virgin of the rosary. The most prominent and distinctive event for the locals is the party of “papaquis,” held in honor of San  Sebastian and the matchless.

These five magical towns of Zacatecas authorized by the tourism officials are a great tactic to spread awareness about the area and to attract attention. Still, it also makes it easier for tourists to explore the sights on their own without any guides.

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