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Acapulco’s Renewal: Tourism Post-Otis in Mexico

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Check out the ultimate information about tourism in Acapulco Mexico after Otis hurricane. The recent passage of the destructive Hurricane Otis, Acapulco, once a vibrant and bustling tourist destination, now faces the daunting task of rebuilding. The city’s resilience is tested as locals and authorities work tirelessly to restore it to its former charm. Here we’ll provide you an overview of the current situation, assess the impact on tourism, and explore the viability of Acapulco as a tourist destination.

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Acapulco’s current situation for tourism after Otis in Mexico:

The hurricane wreaked havoc in Acapulco. causing significant damage to infrastructure and leaving a lasting impact on the city’s landscape. Despite the challenges, commendable efforts have been made in rebuilding, with progress evident in restoring essential services and key tourist areas.

Hurricane Otis, which unleashed its fury on the paradisiacal lands of Acapulco, so tourism in Acapulco Mexico after Otis hurricane has a trail of significant damage to the region’s tourism fabric. Eighty percent of the dazzling infrastructure of the hotel zone was affected, turning the main access roads into mute witnesses of the devastation.

After its passage, the expert minds in tourism, construction, and the country’s economy contemplate with concern the uncertain horizon that looms over the tourist future of this coastal jewel, according to information from the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services, and Tourism.

The Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry (CMIC), bearer of bad news, projects a steep road for the reconstruction of the municipality of Acapulco. They assure that at least five years will be necessary to return these lands to their former splendor, a prolonged lapse motivated by the scarcity of laborious hands and the exorbitant costs associated with restoring the dwellings that Hurricane Otis stripped of their charm.

Tourism in Acapulco after the hurricane Otis in Mexico:

While the hurricane Otis undoubtedly dealt a severe blow to the Acapulco local tourism industry, there is a glimmer of hope for the long term. Today, however, the tourism landscape is mired in a challenging reality even for all Mexico.

Julián Urióstegui Carbajal, president of the Council of Industrial and Business Chambers of Guerrero, reveals with regret that more than 80% of the tourist activity in this destination has suffered an irreversible blow, being classified as a total loss. The scar left by Otis forces us to rethink the tourist future of Acapulco, which, according to the most optimistic estimates, could take between a year and a year and a half to fully recover.

The uncertainty in Acapulco has prompted travelers to look for new crossings, redirecting the tourist flow to other pearls of Mexico. Destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Nuevo Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas are emerging as the privileged recipients of those seeking memorable experiences in a safe environment. Data from 2022 reveals that these places have already welcomed more than 6 million visitors, shifting the tourist epicenter to less affected coasts.

However, this tourist departure has consequences. The growing demand in these new areas of interest could translate into a palpable increase in hotel and flight prices. Over the next few months, as Acapulco recovers, competition for space in alternative destinations could generate a rise in costs, challenging travelers’ wallets in search of new experiences. However, hope lies in Acapulco’s resilience and ability to be reborn as a renewed and stronger tourist destination.

Is Acapulco still a viable tourism destination after Otis in Mexico?

Prospective travelers may wonder if Acapulco is still a viable touristic option for their next vacation. However, recent reports suggest that the city is gradually regaining its status as a tourist hotspot. Improved security measures and a commitment to reconstruction are contributing to a more positive outlook.

Acapulco, shrouded in the shadow of Hurricane Otis, faces a palette of challenges that project an uncertain future in tourism. With projections suggesting that it could take up to a year for Acapulco to reopen its doors to tourism and up to five additional years to regain its former splendor, it seems clear that this iconic destination is not shaping up as a viable option in the short to medium term.

However, this forced pause should not be a reason to relegate this corner of the state of Guerrero to oblivion. Instead of dismissing Acapulco, this challenging moment can be an opportunity to rediscover the wonders of other gems in the state, remembering that Guerrero’s beauty goes beyond its beaches. Its resilience is rooted in its culture’s richness and its people’s warmth.

Alternative Destinations for tourism in Guerrero State in Mexico after Otis:

While Acapulco recovers, Guerrero reveals hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. The Cacahuamilpa Caves, a mysterious subway world sculpted by time, is a natural spectacle that captivates the senses. Taxco, the “Pueblo Mágico de la Plata,” awakens visitors with its cobblestone streets and unique craftsmanship. Transporting them to a chapter of Mexican history. At the Pozas Azules de Atzala, nature is presented at its best. With crystal clear waters in an oasis of tranquility.

The Cacahuamilpa Caves:

Immerse yourself in a subway spectacle of wonders at the Cacahuamilpa Caves in the heart of Guerrero. This majestic cave system, sculpted by millions of years of geological formation, offers a fascinating journey through breathtaking galleries adorned with stalactites and stalagmites. Located near Taxco, these caves provide a unique experience for nature and adventure lovers, being one of Guerrero’s hidden treasures.


Known as the “Pueblo Magico de la Plata,” Taxco is a colonial jewel that rises among the mountains of Guerrero. This charming town is steeped in history and culture, with cobblestone streets winding through rolling hills. Not to mention its white houses with red roofs creating a picturesque setting. Taxco is famous for its silver craftsmanship, and its workshops offer an opportunity to explore the art of Mexican silversmithing. Its colonial architecture and vibrant atmosphere make it a must-see destination.

Pozas Azules de Atzala:

In the natural beauty of Guerrero, the Pozas Azules de Atzala is an oasis of crystal-clear waters amid lush vegetation. This hidden paradise offers a tranquil and refreshing getaway, ideal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle. With their captivating blue hues, the pools create an idyllic setting to enjoy peace and serenity. Located near Acapulco, these pools are a natural treasure that invites relaxation and contemplation.

Exploring Nearby Coastal Towns in Mexico:

Venturing beyond Acapulco’s borders reveals a tapestry of charming coastal towns. From the laid-back atmosphere of Puerto Escondido to the cultural richness of Troncones to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Nuevo Vallarta, or Cabo San Lucas. Each destination offers a unique flavor, inviting visitors to experience Mexico’s coastal beauty in new and refreshing ways.

Puerto Escondido:

Puerto Escondido is a jewel of the Pacific coast and is a paradise for surfers. Even for those seeking a quiet getaway. Its golden sand beaches, such as Zicatela, are famous for challenging waves. At the same time, Carrizalillo offers a more serene setting for swimming and relaxing.


This picturesque seaside town combines pristine beaches with a relaxed and authentic atmosphere. Troncones is famous for its consistent waves, ideal for surfers of all levels. Also, its breathtaking sunsets that paint the sky with warm hues.

Puerto Vallarta:

Puerto Vallarta fuses natural beauty with a vibrant cultural scene. Beaches such as Playa de los Muertos offer an ideal setting for lounging. At the same time, the Malecon, with its sculptures and art galleries, invites you to explore local creativity.


Known as “The Pearl of the Pacific,” Mazatlán captivates with its historic architecture, expansive beaches, and lively nightlife. The Historic Downtown is home to architectural treasures, while the Golden Zone is perfect for sun and fun.

Nuevo Vallarta:

This luxury destination offers pristine beaches and exclusive resorts. Nuevo Vallarta is ideal for those looking to relax in a sophisticated setting, with world-class golf courses and spas that
complement the serenity of the ocean.

Cabo San Lucas:

At the southern of the Baja peninsula is Cabo San Lucas. It combines the majesty of the desert with the beautiful blue waters of the Sea of Cortez. The iconic rock formation of the Arch and its vibrant nightlife options make Cabo an unforgettable destination.

In the uncertain horizon following the passage of Hurricane Otis through Acapulco, reality presents a challenging picture. With forecasts suggesting a significant pause in the region’s tourism resurgence. It is undeniable that the road to full recovery will extend.

Acapulco, with its visible scars, urges us to reconsider our options. In this process, we discover hidden gems in other lands of Guerrero. Yet, amid uncertainty, the unwavering spirit of the Mexican people reveals itself as a beacon of hope. The resilience that characterizes this land reminds us that although Acapulco faces considerable challenges. Its people, culture, and natural beauty remain intact.

Maintaining tourism in this vibrant corner and throughout Mexico is crucial after Otis in Acapulco. Recognizing the importance of our contribution to the rebuilding process. As visitors and a local community, we can be architects of Acapulco’s rebirth and guardians of Mexico’s vibrant tourism legacy. History teaches us that even after the most intense storms, the sun always finds its way back to the sky. Acapulco will, in time, shine again with its characteristic splendor.

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