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Transfer from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen

If you need to transfer from Cancun airport, here you have the complete info! Cancun is one of the best Mexican destinations to visit and has an excellent geographical location. It is practically close to the best destinations in the Riviera Maya. 

One of the main places you should visit if you go to Cancun is Playa del Carmen. In this place, you will find various things to do, but surely you are wondering how I get there from Cancun airport? If your first stop when arriving in Cancun is Playa del Carmen, don’t panic! Keep reading

  1. Take a Taxi from the Airport – There are many companies inside the airport that all have the same prices and are certified to offer the service. Cancun to Playa del Carmen by Taxi must cost around $50 – USD 70.
  2. Another option is to use the bus commercial line ADO. You can buy a ticket upon your arrival at the terminal. The ride will take you straight to Playa del Carmen Bus Station. From there you can take a taxi anywhere those are pretty convenient. Here is the official webpage https://www.ado.com.mx/ but don’t buy it until you are on the spot. 
  3. Private Transfer from the Cancun airport – There are several companies online where you can book a private transfer. You can use major Online travel agencies like booking.com or Tripadvisor.com, Booking.com, or Expedia. You will be able to see reviews and compare prices.
  4. Rent a car from the Airport in Cancun – There are a few companies in the airport where you can rent a car either by the hour, day, or kilometers traveled. This will help you get around more easily to any of the places you visit. The cost depends on the car you choose.

More tips:

Of course, you should know that there is no efficient public transportation (and carry comfortable your luggage). So you will have to make your trip from a bus terminal at the airport or city center, take a taxi from the airport or book a transfer. For these four options, we have some tips such as:

  • If you don’t have many budgets, the best way is to take the ADO bus option. Just be aware of the schedule.
  • Taxis from Cancun to playa del Carmen are expensive.
  • We recommend you book in advance a transfer to Playa del Carmen from Cancun airport with your preferred online travel agency. You will get better prices, and you will be able to compare. 
  • If you rent a car, make sure you bring a credit or debit card with you as it is a requirement that the companies ask for.
  • For any of the services, you wish to book, make sure they are safe and reliable companies.

The trip from Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen takes between 40 and 50 minutes on the Cancun/Chetumal highway. No matter which means of transportation you choose to get to your destination. You will undoubtedly be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Quintana Roo coastline along the way to Playa del Carmen.

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