For a perfect trip to Guanajuato, you must keep yourself energized, which means you also need the best accommodations. Guanajuato is the central city of Mexico, where you can enjoy the world’s best boutique hotels. Whether you are on a vacation or a meeting, these boutique hotels are going to turn your trips into a luxurious stay.

Boutique Hotels – Guanajuato:

With the best facilities and top-notch cuisine of Mexico, we recommend these top 5 boutique

hotels in Guanajuato for a perfect stay.

1. Casa Estrella de la Valenciana Hotel Boutique:

Just a few km away from the Granaditas Museum, Casa Estrella de la Valenciana Hotel features a fitness center, bar, resultant, garden and tennis court. Set on a vast property, this is one of the top-notch boutique hotels in Guanajuato with the best-featured rooms with terrace. They provide parking facilities, airport transfers, and WIFI as well. Each room has air-conditioning, kettle, hairdryer, and a desk. The hotel serves freshly cooked continental or buffet breakfast every day. The tour and bike renting facility are also available. Casa Estrella is near the top boutique hotels and destinations like the union garden and the Alley of the kiss.

2. Casa Florencia Hotel Boutique:

31 km away from the Del Bajio international airport, Casa Florencia is an elegant boutique hotel providing top-notch facilities to its customers. They have a large bar, 24-hour front desk, and room service. The hotel is just 3.7km away from the famous La Paz Square. You can also enjoy the hotel´s restaurant cuisine if you don’t want to go outside. And, the American breakfast is a must served daily in the restaurant. Alhondiga de Granaditas Museum and the spectacular Alley of the kiss are a few km away. You can also do some shopping and even enjoy some dessert and hot coffee from the small shops around the hotel.

3. Hotel Boutique 1850:

Hotel Boutique 1850 is one of the traditional boutique hotels found in the center of Guanajuato. It provides its customers with beautiful accommodations, just like the neoclassical style of 1850. It will remind you of the French contemporary interior design. Moreover, the hotel has its spa, sky bar, Starbucks coffee service, and a guest lounge. There Mexican and international cuisine dining will add value to your stay here. The spa facials, massage, and aromatherapy are a must for those who want to relax and feel alive again.

Union garden and Juárez Theatre are just 5 minutes’ walk away from the hotel. You will also

find some good local’s shops where you can eat and shop too.

4. Casa del Rector Hotel Boutique y Arte:

Located 300 meters from the Alhondiga de Granaditas Museum, Casa del Rector Hotel Boutique y Arte offers luxurious and beautiful accommodations. Enjoy the hotel´s very own restaurants, free parking, and a large pool within a hotel with a bar. All rooms have to air-condition, flat-screen TV, coffee machine, hairdryer, and a wardrobe. Moreover, don’t forget to enjoy their delicious continental breakfast. The fun part is that you get a terrace with every accommodation. The popular destinations near this hotel include the famous Union garden, Juarez theatre, and the Alley of the kiss. You can also enjoy the luxurious air transport service as the nearest airport is just 30 km away.

5. Villa Maria Cristina Hotel

Looking for the classic facade style of Mexico in accommodations? Villa Maria Cristina Hotel is at your service, providing you a 19th -century neoclassical mansion with patios, gardens, and terraces. As a result, It will feel like a small village with a lavish look. For the art lovers, this place is a cherry on top featuring some of the original pieces in the hotel of famous artists. The hotel has its very own theatre, heated swimming pool, steam baths, spa, spaces for corporate events, and luxurious suites. With dinner, you can enjoy a glass of free wine from the hotel’s bar and a cocktail or tea every afternoon. So, do visit these hotels and enjoy the lavish style and top-notch facilities living in the heart of Mexico.

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