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Some of the most Iconic Airbnbs in Mexico

The arrival of the vacation intensifies the desire to enjoy the best destinations in Mexico. No matter if you do it alone or accompanied, visiting Mexico and breaking the routine is always the best way to relax. A unique and original way is by staying in an Airbnb, the famous travel platform that allows you to stay in an establishment reserved just for you. Don’t be fooled by its concept, as some of its available sites are as luxurious and exclusive as a hotel. Here are some of the most iconic Airbnbs in Mexico per destination.

Baja California

Valle de Guadalupe

Arrelulu Baja

Arrelulu Baja is different than any other lodging. It is a luxuriously remodeled mobile home converted into a comfortable and cozy travel retreat. It has a large private terrace where you can enjoy a spectacular view of Valle de Guadalupe.

Campera Hotel

Campera Hotel promises a unique and unforgettable experience. Located in the Guadalupe Valley, this site houses ten exclusive lodging bubbles that offer a small sphere of comfort and intimacy, each with luxurious amenities and exclusive service. You will sleep under the stars and be surrounded by beautiful vineyards, an excellent wine cellar, and the magnificent gastronomy of the area.

These bubbles are highly equipped and elaborated with the highest quality material. They are exclusively for two people and manage the highest level of comfort. This place offers a delicious outdoor brunch between 8 and 11 am in addition to the main menu for lunch.

These bubbles are ideal for those looking for different lodging experiences, and although they are exclusively for two people, they are an incredible lodging option in Valle de Guadalupe.


San Miguel de Allende

Casa Karina

Casa Karina is one of the most luxurious and charming houses in San Miguel de Allende. Its architecture perfectly combines contemporary style with a rustic and traditional touch and pays special attention to detail. Its terrace is one of the best views of San Miguel de Allende, as well as an exclusive pool with a glass floor, marble fire pit, and outdoor kitchen. The ideal place to enjoy a harmonious family vacation.

Estado de Mexico

Naucalpan de Júarez

Nido de Quetzalcoatl

This work created by architect Javier Senosiain is the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature and surround yourself with a spectacular design. It is an apartment of organic architecture entirely inhabited to stay in it. It is considered a work of art internationally. Inspired by Quetzalcoatl, it will allow you to discover the spaces and gardens that surround it, as well as to be amazed by the creativity and originality of its structure.


Puerto Vallarta

Villa Azul

Agua Azul is a luxurious villa accommodating groups of 10 to 16 people. It is a comfortable and pleasant place that offers three pools connected to the bar and spacious rooms with king-size beds. It has all the amenities and services for guests to be comfortable and relaxed during their stay. It is a luxurious and spacious place.

The incredible design of the villa was created by the award-winning architect Edward Giddings filling this place with complete satisfaction for the people who visit it.


Puerto Angel

Casa Faro

Casa Faro is located on a cliff overlooking the ocean. There are breathtaking views from the open second floor. The spirit of the house is serenity and relaxation. It is a different place to stay; it has two bedrooms with queen-sized beds, and there are also beds for you to enjoy your stay comfortably in the common areas. The most curious thing is the bathroom since it is an ecological site a few steps away from the house. It has access to a private beach so you can enjoy the ocean waves. It is also located next to the historic Angel Lighthouse.

This place does not cease to surprise as it includes an orchard available to guests with various fruit trees and plants. Without a doubt, it is an excellent place to stay.

Puerto Angel

Casa Tiny

Casa Tiny is the perfect place to relax surrounded by nature, enjoy a private beach and swim in the pool. This place is inspired by Henry David Thoreau and his book “Walden” with its minimalist design. It is a charming place that has all the amenities and services in addition to being pet friendly.

Dare to stay in a unique place like this. The service is unparalleled. Guests rate it as one of the best in Puerto Escondido.

Quintana Roo


Casa Impala

It is an exclusive private duplex accommodation nestled among a luxurious palm grove. It is ideally located just steps from the beach and minutes from the center of Holbox Island town.

Accommodations at Casa Impala include loft space on the second level with a living room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, terrace, and a bungalow on the third level. It also has a mini-fridge stocked with snacks and water at all times for you to enjoy during your stay.

Casa Impala is an incredible place to stay since its quality services offer guests a stay full of relaxation during their vacations.

Isla Mujeres

Casa Caracol

This unique and special lodging offers its residents the sensation of living inside a sea snail.  Internationally recognized for its artistic and creative design by Octavio Ocampo, Casa Caracol architecturally expresses the love for the sea. The complex consists of the main house and a guest house, a private pool, and a kitchenette; it is located within a residential complex, making it the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Isla Mujeres in a more peaceful and reserved environment.



Acacia is ideal for nature lovers and travelers who want to create new experiences. Each cabin is private and beautifully built with natural and local materials. It features handmade furniture and unique pieces of decoration. This is an entirely private jungle oasis where you can isolate yourself from the city.

Acacia’s cabins have all the services and amenities for guests to enjoy a complete stay in connection with nature. In addition, it is close to the main points of Tulum.

Casa del Árbol

On the edge of the Mayan jungle, you stay in a private and unique treehouse. You can be close to nature and contemplate beautiful stars at night, swim in one of the nearby cenotes, and discover the wildlife. A spacious treehouse dome will give you all the comfort of Glamping. This accommodation includes a king-size bed for two, a private bathroom, and a high-speed fan. Plus, it has easy access to town.

If you want a way to experience the outdoors without sacrificing your comfort, this place is for you. Besides being connected with nature, you will have access to all the services and amenities the place offers. You will also have easy access to reach and swim in beautiful cenotes.

This place is ecological, so it is not harmful to the environment. It is clean and safe for an incredible stay.

Villa Sanah

They are private villas with swimming pools in the middle of the jungle. Each villa has its collection offering privacy to the guest.

This place offers ample comfort and harmony with nature so that you can let yourself be carried away by its charms and the sound of the birds that go deep into the jungle. It has personalized massage services in your villas and services such as a night area, bathroom, terrace, gardens, and a beautiful private pool. If you want to visit and swim in cenotes, this place is only a 15-minute walk through the colorful jungle to two spectacular cenotes with crystal clear waters.

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