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Mexican Gastronomy Top Stars: Exploring the Culinary Brilliance of Latin America’s 50 Best 2023

Mexican gastronomy scene is full of Top Stars! Mexico has long been a magnet for global food enthusiasts, offering a rich tapestry of flavors and cultural influences. In 2023, several Mexican restaurants have garnered well-deserved spots in the esteemed Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list, transcending the traditional dining experience. These establishments not only showcase innovative takes on classic dishes but also boast captivating environments that range from stylish modern settings to charming traditional spaces, contributing to the vibrant mosaic of Mexico’s culinary heritage.

Embark with us on a captivating culinary journey that unveils the passion, creativity, and deep connection each restaurant has to Mexico’s diverse culinary roots. From bustling streets to serene coastal landscapes, we’ll explore the essence of these top-rated establishments, savoring the unique flavors that define them. Join us as we celebrate the fusion of innovation and tradition, unraveling the culinary treasures that make Mexico a shining star in the Latin American gastronomic world.

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1. Fauna, Baja California Norte (#5)

Nestled in the Valle de Guadalupe, Fauna stands as a culinary beacon in Baja California Norte. Chef David Castro Hussong’s innovative approach to local ingredients results in dishes that are both playful and refined. To illustrate, the intimate setting, surrounded by the region’s famed vineyards, enhances Fauna’s allure, ensuring a unique and unforgettable dining experience with every visit, without a doubt. See more.

2. Quintonil, Mexico City (#12)

In the heart of Mexico City, Quintonil emerges as a sanctuary of modern Mexican gastronomy. Moreover, Chef Jorge Vallejo’s commitment to fresh, sustainable ingredients from across the country is evident in every dish. The restaurant’s garden-to-table philosophy is more than a concept; it’s a celebration of Mexico’s rich agricultural heritage, presented with contemporary flair. See more.

Pujol, Mexico City (#15)

Pujol, under the renowned Chef Enrique Olvera, is synonymous with the elevation of Mexican cuisine. The innovative approach to traditional Mexican dishes offers a tasting menu that is both a journey through Mexico’s culinary history and a glimpse into its future. That is to say, Pujol’s famous mole, evolving daily, is a must-try for any culinary enthusiast. See more.

Villa Torel, Baja California (#19)

In the bustling city of Ensenada, Villa Torel crafts a unique culinary narrative. Chef Angelo Delgado’s fusion of Mexican ingredients with European techniques creates a daring and delightful experience. The restaurant’s elegant ambiance, paired with its creative cuisine, ensures an unforgettable dining adventure that lingers in the memory. See more.

5. Arca, Quintana Roo (#28)

Tulum’s Arca brings the jungle to the table, situated amidst the lush Quintana Roo landscape. Chef Jose Luis Hinostroza’s mastery in using fire and smoke to enhance flavors results in dishes as mesmerizing to the palate as the setting is to the eyes. Arca invites patrons into an immersive experience, where nature and culinary artistry seamlessly intertwine. See more.

6. Pangea, Nuevo Leon (#29)

In Monterrey, Pangea stands as a beacon of culinary innovation. Chef Guillermo González Beristáin’s commitment to local ingredients and modern techniques has put Nuevo Leon on the global culinary map. The restaurant’s sophisticated ambiance is the perfect backdrop for its menu, which is both a tribute to Mexican flavors and a nod to international cuisine. See more.

7. Sud 777, Mexico City (#31)

Sud 777 in Mexico City offers an oasis in the urban landscape. Chef Edgar Núñez’s dedication to sustainable and organic produce is evident in his creative dishes. The restaurant’s lush garden setting provides a tranquil backdrop for a menu that is both vibrant and comforting, reflecting the diverse influences of Mexican cuisine. See more.

8. Rosetta, Mexico City (#35)

Rosetta, housed in a stunning Colonia Roma townhouse, is a culinary gem. Chef Elena Reygadas has created a menu that is a delicate balance of contemporary and traditional Italian influences, intertwined with Mexican elements. The restaurant’s warm and inviting atmosphere complements its beautifully crafted dishes, making it a standout in Mexico City’s dining scene, undoubtedly. See more.

9. Alcalde, Guadalajara (#37)

Alcalde in Guadalajara is a true representation of ‘Cocina de Autor’ or signature cuisine. Moreover, chef Francisco ‘Paco’ Ruano’s approach to regional cuisine with a modern twist has made Alcalde a must-visit destination. The restaurant’s commitment to authenticity and innovation is evident in every dish, offering a unique taste of Jalisco. See more.

10. Le Chique, Quintana Roo (#40)

Situated in the Riviera Maya, Le Chique is a culinary adventure. Chef Jonatán Gómez Luna’s avant-garde approach to Mexican cuisine challenges and delights the senses. The restaurant’s tasting menu is a journey through Mexico’s culinary landscapes, presented with artistic flair and unexpected twists. Each dish becomes a brushstroke on a canvas of culinary creativity, without a doubt. See more.

11. La Docena, Mexico City (#48)

La Docena, is the last one of the Mexican gastronomy top stars in this list. With its casual yet sophisticated ambiance, brings a unique seafood experience to Mexico City. Therefore, the restaurant, known for its oyster bar and open kitchen, invites diners to engage with their food in a new way. Chef Tomás Bermúdez’s commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients shines through in every dish, from classic ceviches to inventive seafood creations. See more.


Therefore, this culinary odyssey through these Mexican Gastronomy Top Stars transcends mere dining. It’s an immersive venture into the beating heart and rich tapestry of Mexican culture. That is to say, each venue, with its distinctive philosophy and unwavering commitment to culinary excellence. Becomes a vibrant canvas portraying the profound depth and diversity inherent in Mexican cuisine. 

Moreover, as a dedicated travel agency specializing in curated experiences, we firmly believe that an excursion to any of these esteemed establishments promises not just a feast for the palate but an enlightening exploration! To conclude, deepening your understanding and fostering a profound appreciation for the extraordinary culinary mosaic that defines Mexico.

You can see the whole list here.

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