COVID 19 in Mexico

Mexico and covid-19: Travel Safe, Travel Easy

Mexico Welcomes you with open Arms!

If you are planning to visit Mexico in times of pandemic, there is some information you should know about it. 

But before you start you have to know that Mexico is Open for travel. We recommend you travel vaccinated, but there are no restrictions to enter Mexico. Following the most comun Questions regarding COVID 19 in Mexico. 

Currently, the world is beginning to live a new reality full of limitations and restrictions in people’s daily lives. 

As a result of the pandemic of the covid-19 disease, different measures are being taken in Mexico to guarantee the health and protection of those who visit the country. Therefore, we know that the priority is to maintain the safety of the inhabitants and travelers who want to enjoy a wonderful vacation in Mexico’s unique destinations. 

This article will answer some frequently asked questions that travelers ask to travel; of course, this information can help you clear your doubts regarding protection measures, the covid-19 tests, and the traffic lights of contagion in the country.

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Frequently asked Q&A

Protective measures against covid-19

What should I do if I am traveling soon to Mexico?

First, you should make sure you do not have covid-19 to avoid contagion. If you test positive, you should call your doctor and stay home because you will not be able to travel.

If you tested negative, you could continue with your travel plans following the regulations set by the corresponding authorities.

Mexico does not require vaccination to enter the country.

Are there any restrictions on visitors being able to enter Mexico?

Mexico has not adopted regulations for the entry of visitors to its territory. However, the country’s health secretariat remains alert regarding people’s access to act immediately and attend travelers who manifest any symptom of covid-19.

Do hotels in Mexico have the necessary protection measures to guarantee my stay?

Yes, many hotels have implemented new departments dedicated exclusively to cleaning and sanitizing spaces to make the guests stay safe.

What are the protective measures taken by airlines for travel?

The actions taken by the airlines include the mandatory use of mouth covers, temperature taking, and the use of antibacterial gel, as well as the use of masks or glasses for total protection. There is a strict rule to keep everything sealed and packaged in the case of food offered onboard.

Another critical point is that if you are banned from traveling, you have covid-19 on the airline.

COVID-19 Testing

As a travel agency, could you help me obtain a covid-19 test to return to my country?

Of course, you can contact us for advice and hire the services required for your covid test. It is worth mentioning that the services are with additional costs. 

On the other hand, our team of experts is aware of the new parameters imposed by the authorities as the PCR tests to comply with the demands of your country of origin and airlines.

Do I need to take the covid-19 test to travel to Mexico?

It is not necessary. However, it would be an excellent option to prevent contagion.

If I already have the covid-19 vaccine and present the test, do I also need an antigen or PCR test?

Regardless of having received the COVID-19 vaccine, all passengers traveling from Mexico to any country requiring it must present the corresponding covid tests.

What happens if I test positive?

You can stay in Mexico to comply with the quarantine. You must also see a doctor and obey the instructions imposed to ensure your health and those around you.

Reactivation measures in Mexico

When is it safe to travel to Mexico?

Currently, it is safe to travel to Mexico due to the pandemic since the entire country is aware of the situation and the corresponding measures are being taken to avoid contagion. 

If you plan to travel to Mexico during this pandemic season, do not forget to use masks, antibacterial gel and keep your distance from people. 

Although the traffic light in most of the country is green, there is a possibility of infection, so we invite you to be informed about the covid-19 situation in Mexico.

what if restrictions turn red during my stay, what should I do?

The first thing to do is not to panic and stay calm. If you have any symptoms, you should go to the doctor to complete your quarantine. If you do not have any symptoms, it is better not to risk and stay where you are visiting to prevent getting infected.

Where can I check official Mexico's contagion traffic light registry?

You can find the covid-19 epidemiological traffic light information at:

Covid-19 has proven to be a dangerous disease. Therefore, it is essential to keep yourself informed about the latest updates.

Suppose you are planning to travel to Mexico or any other country. In that case, this will help you to take the proper measures and precautions to avoid contagion.